Support Cancer Research, Wear Cancer Wristbands

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Michael Sanford

Cancer is a very serious illness. This dreaded disease has caused many deaths; cancer is a disease that’s characterized by uncontrollable cell division and the danger of these mutant cells to invade the neighboring healthy cells and infect them. There are many types of cancer and most of them are deadly which can cause death, while there are some treatments available; there has been no known cure that’s potently effective just yet. Some treatments can kill the cancerous cells while some control the symptoms such as pain. Millions every year gets afflicted with different types of cancer and millions more die every year all over the world. Cancer has been a serious predicament in the medical world and there are concerns on the probability of finding a cure soon.

There are some major efforts being done to correct this but funds have been dwindling making these researches an effort that needs the aid of many people. Many foundations, colleges and other medical groups are doing intensive scientific endeavors to understand fully the development of cancer and what possible treatments, therapies and cure could be done to prevent cancer and its growth. They are called cancer research. In cancer research they discover new methods of treating cancer with the development of new technology and new discoveries about the disease. With proper funding, cancer researches would be able to flourish and hopefully find the perfect cure.

Many organizations have been doing their best to help fund this research facilities, doing fund raising projects and programs for public awareness. It is essential for the public to take notice of this programs because anyone from anywhere can be afflicted with cancer. Gradually, more and more people have found ways in doing both, raising funds for cancer and spreading awareness. When doing such, you hit the head of a nail twice making it more beneficial for cancer victims. Any method is appreciated as long as it spread awareness and help bring in money to aid cancer research. The current popular method is by selling cancer wristbands, which are inscribed with inspiring and informing statements.

Cancer wristbands have been the craze lately, many are wearing them because they are cool and fashionable and yet they help out in finding a cure for cancer. Remember the ribbons everybody used to wear for AIDS. Cancer Wristbands now are what the AIDS ribbons were then. This stretchy cancer wristbands, usually made from either from rubber or silicone, are a great way to do fundraising. They are one size fits all and don’t cost too much. There is a 100 percent profit in cancer wristbands, which may be donated to cancer researches and also boost cancer awareness. In doing so, you not only get a cool looking cancer wristband, you are also helping out the countless cancer victims all over the world.

Many say that this trend started out when Lance Armstrong came out yellow “LiveStrong” wristband to promote and fund cancer research. That promotion had all the right ingredients to capture the people’s interest. Present was the revered American icon asking the people for help, the item was very affordable, was a good conversation peace and it showed that if you were wearing it, you were concerned about other people and their needs. It was also for a cause everyone wanted to help in and deserved all the help t can get. Soon enough, everyone was wearing them, from high profile people, to entertainers with big names straight to the president.

After that, many cancer wristbands went into the market spreading the word, many organizations joined the bandwagon and produced their own cancer wristbands. It has come to be that the color of the cancer wristband represented which type of cancer was to be benefited; for example, pink bracelets were in aid for breast cancer. Messages and statements would be inscribed in the bracelets empowering the knowledge of the people about cancer and tugging their hearts and the hearts of others to help out for the worthy cause.

Cancer wristbands are not only cool, they also help out, many small organizations can help out by browsing the internet and order them from reputable manufacturers who pledge assistance for every cancer wristband you purchase. You may also do your own fundraising; some sites offer very low prices for wholesale purchases so that you can sell them at a markup price so you can have earnings to donate to research facilities. Be aware, support cancer wristbands to help cancer research.

By: → Michael Sanford

Diets to Treat Cancer

Friday, September 28, 2012
Many people facing cancer choose alternative cancer therapies. These alternative cancer treatments are sometimes chosen in lieu of traditional treatments and sometimes they are taken in conjunction with the more traditional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Deciding upon a course of treatment for cancer is a personal decision that shouldn't be reached lightly. If you are dealing with cancer, you should thoroughly research alternative treatments and discuss them with your doctor so you can choose the best option for you.

Dietary changes are among the most popular alternative cancer therapies today. This includes juice fasting like the Gerson Diet and Hallelujah Diet which emphasize the consumption of freshly juiced raw vegetables. The Budwig Diet is another popular alternative cancer treatment where you eat specific foods, namely cottage cheese blended with flax oil in order to bring about healing in your body.

The idea behind using diets to treat cancer is that a proper diet will nourish your body and allow it to become strong enough to defeat cancer. In addition, some foods are known to feed cancer cells, like sugar, and some foods are known to fight cancer, like broccoli sprouts. Green tea is another popular food used to treat cancer and prevent its occurrence because of its reported antioxidant abilities.

Other alternative cancer therapies involve the use of certain cancer fighting herbs. One of the most widely known herbal formulations is known as Essiac and is taken in tea form. It is a combination of Indian rhubarb, slippery elm, burdock, and sorrel. Other herbs thought to fight cancer include red clover, turmeric, saw palmetto, wheat grass, and pau d'arco.

Mind body medicine also plays a big role in alternative cancer therapies. Using techniques like meditation to help relieve stress and visualization to kill cancer cells calls upon the powers of your mind to help your body fight off cancer cells. You can buy guided visualization CDs or download them from the internet that walk you through a meditation where you visualize an army of white blood cells destroying cancer cells in your body. Mind body techniques can assist traditional treatments and do not interfere with them like other techniques might.

Even though herbs might be all natural, they still have a medicinal effect upon your body and can interact with each other and with prescription drugs. Therefore, it is not a good idea to consume herbal remedies blindly. More is not necessarily better. Before you begin alternative cancer therapies, you should discuss what you plan to do with your doctor to make sure your chosen therapy will not have harmful side effects based upon your individual medical condition.

You may find that your doctor is not supportive of your decision to use alternative cancer therapies. In that case, you may want to seek advice from a holistic health care provider or herbal healer. You may even want to change medical doctors. Remember, it is your body and your health is your responsibility. While you want to make an educated decision, your course of treatment is ultimately up to you.

By: → Emily Taggart

How to Prevent Cancers Psychological Impact?

Friday, September 21, 2012
Cancer is, as we know, a life changing experience for the cancer sufferer, their friends and families. Cancer and cancer treatment both have instead drastic psychological and physiologic effectuates on the diseased person. Knowing of these effectuates earlier treatment may give you a head start and a adventure to mentally prepare yourself, just a little, for what is to come. This info may also helper you weigh up the odds, on whether you prefer to go through with treatment or not.

Physiological Effects of Cancer

Sexual Dysfunction: a few cancer patients and sub sisters may know a level of sexual dysfunction. This can occur to both male person and female person and there are ways around them.

Chronic Pain: The cancer patient may experience consistent, chronic pain later prolonged cancer treatment.

Infertility: Both male and female patients and survivors may experience infertility.

Constant Fatigue: Patients and sub sisters may feel like they're constantly tired and don't have the motivation or energy to total easy, daily tasks.

Numbness: Numbness is caused by a condition called Neuropathy. The numbness is common in the patient’s hands and feet.

Osteoporosis: Is a condition which causes your bones to get really fragile and weak.

Incontinence: Uncontrollable urination is effectuating a few patients may know.

Multiple Cancers: it's possible to get a 2nd cancer, other than the one diagnosed for. It's better to find this out through with your doctor, as soon as possible.

Hair Loss: Hair loss is basic during the treatment of cancer. Whenever this is a problem, consult with your doctor on ways to deal with the hair loss.

Ostomies: An Ostomy is a surgical opening, with a pipe linking to a bag on the outside of the body.

Psychological Effects of Cancer

Stress: A high ranking of stress is often attributed to cancer and can be common fallout.

Low Confidence: Due to the physical and mental changes cancer and cancer treatment can have on the patients it can often result in down self esteem and self confidence.

Depression: Depression is generally found in cancer patients and sub sisters. This could be attributed to the physical effects of the cancer treatment.

Whenever you see these side effects in either yourself or a dearest, later operation, please alert your doctor so that they can give advice on what steps to take next. If you've found out that you've cancer, or someone you know is named with cancer, try to help them understand fully what they're up against before they've start the treatment. Get your doctor to explain everything in particular, the pros and cons and everything middle so that you can be mentally prepared for what is ahead.

Fear getting cancer? You are not lonely. The fear of cancer is one of the biggest long run anxieties plaguing modern man. A United Kingdom nonprofit survey has newly demonstrated that more than 15% of United Kingdom citizens consider the fear of cancer to be their biggest fear. In several persons, this fear can result in such that debilitating panic that it interferes with normal life. Has not cancer caused sufficiency pain already, to those who have it and their grieving friends and relatives? It's a real tragedy that, in addition to the devastating effects of the disease itself, cancer must cause this second order anxiety among people who do not even have it.

Cancer Anxiety Can Hurt Your Life

several of those who live their lives dreading this fearful disease are embarrassed about their fearful state. These victims of phobia headache that their anxieties are not legitimate even though they cause them important pain, After all, what's to be afraid of? Does not their imaginary suffering do ill service to real victims of the disease?

However, cancer phobia is a critical problem in one's own right. This sort of terror can seriously interfere with a sufferer's medical health. Those who fear cancer routinely reject to see medical health care provider or clinics, out of irrational dread of catching the disease or because they dread the prospect of being diagnosed.

By: → Seomul Evans

Nature Cure: The Only Way To Fight Cancer!

Friday, September 14, 2012
If an immediate breakthrough is not made to check environmental pollution, toxicity will remain one of the main concerns in this century. There are several factors contributing in the development of toxins in the human body such as stronger chemicals, water, air pollution, and radiation.

The proper way of eliminating these toxins is very important to the health of a person. Although the body can handle certain amount of toxins, it is always necessary to think of reduction or elimination in case of excess toxin production and food intake occurs. Of course, in the end you will be benefited with a well-working and stronger immune system to prevent diseases from attacking you. You will live a much healthier and satisfying life.

Many people are ingesting new chemicals, using all kinds of drugs, eating more sugar as well as refined foods, and abusing themselves with various sedatives and stimulants leading to an increased incidence of acquiring diseases as well.

This is fast becoming the No.1 Cause for Cancer.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells are also called malignant cells. Cancer grows out of normal cells in the body. Normal cells multiply when the body needs them, and die when the body doesn't need them. Cancer appears to occur when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells divide too quickly. It can also occur when cells forget how to die.

Here you will learn why most conventional cancer treatments fail and always will. The medical industry spends billions of dollars every year yet the solution is nowhere in sight. And conventional cancer therapy offers no detoxification treatments.

There are virtually hundreds of natural, non-toxic therapies that have benefited thousands of people after conventional treatment has failed. It makes sense that the fewer unnatural toxins we put in our bodies, the better our bodies will function. The naturopathic physician will determine the health problem and prescribe one or a combination of natural supplements or remedies to treat the problem, totally free of toxins.

Nature Cure will provide the answers to what makes a healthy diet for your wellness. Dietary supplements are suggested for ways to treat what ails you but will also be recommended for overall health so you can prevent some of the illnesses we get from ignoring healthy habits.

A list of healthy foods and herbs that many knowledgeable researchers have determined will improve your chances of preventing cancer. As always, please check with your own physician and do your own research, particularly if you are at risk due to family history or your own health condition. However, it is possible that many physicians may not be fully informed on using food instead of medication to fight most diseases.

To live a long, healthy life, alternative medicine may be the best way to get you there even if it may mean changing your lifestyle. It will probably mean adopting new ways in your dietary habits and how to do a few simple exercises.

You will be surprised how many legitimate wellness options are available to you should you choose to live a life, forever free of cancer.

By: → Ram Bhalla

Cervical Cancer: Characteristics, Causes, and Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Friday, September 7, 2012
Cervical cancer or cancer also called cervical cancer is one of the most feared women. Based on existing data, of all cancer patients in Indonesia, cervical cancer reached her third. And from WHO data recorded, every year thousands of women die from cervical cancer and a type of cancer which is ranked as the top cause of death among women and the world.

Cervical cancer attacks the reproductive organs in women, specifically in the area of ​​the cervix or the entrance to the uterus is the narrow part at the bottom of the vulva and uterus.

Cause of Cervical Cancer

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer. While the cause of death in women is HPV virus types 16 and 18. The virus is very easy to move and spread, not only through the liquid, but also can move through the touch of skin. In addition, the use of public lavatories is exposed to the HPV virus, can be spread person to use it if it is not cleaned properly.

Except servix cancer, it poor lifestyle habits can also cause outbreaks of cervical cancer. Such as smoking, lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E as well as a lack of folic acid intake. Another bad habit that can cause cervical cancer is frequent intercourse with multiple partners, having sex with a man who frequently change partners and have sex at an early age (to have sexual intercourse at age <16 years can even increase the risk of cervical cancer 2x ). Another factor is the cause of cervical cancer offspring cancer, the use of birth control pills in the very long term, too often give birth.

Characteristics of Women Suffering from Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer takes a very long process that is between 10 to 20 years to become a cancer that was originally from an infection. Therefore, at the early stages of development will be difficult to detect. Therefore, women are suggested to do a pap smear test at least 2 years, to test VIA (visual inspection with acetic acid, etc.. Though it is difficult to be detected, but the following features can be clues to the woman whether she is suffering from the symptoms of cancer cervical or not:

    When having sex as pain, often followed pleh the bleeding.
    Experience abnormal vaginal discharge accompanied by bleeding and the amount of excess
    Often feel pain in the hip area
    Experiencing pain during urination
    At the time of menstruation, blood coming out in large quantities and excess
    When women have an advanced stage will experience pain in the thigh or one thigh had swollen greatly reduced appetite, weight gain is unstable, difficult to urinate, spontaneous bleeding.

Prevention of Cervical Cancer
Here are some things that women can do in terms of preventing cervical cancer not to befall him, among other things:

    Live a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and adequate nutrition
    Always keep your body health and environmental sanitation
    Avoid cleaning the genitals with dirty water
    If you are smoker, quit this bad habit
    Avoid having sex at an early age
    Always be faithful to your partner, do not bergonta especially followed by intercourse.
    Have regular pap smear done for at least two years, especially for those who have been actively having sex
    If you have never had sex, it's good to HPV vaccination
    Expand the consumption of vegetable foods that contain beta karotennya enough, vitamin c and e.

However, if you have cervical cancer is detected, there are several methods of treatment that can be done. If cervical cancer is detected early, the treatment is done by eliminating cervical cancer is by way of surgery, laser surgery well, electricity or by freezing and dispose of cervical cancer tissue (cyrosurgery)
For the case of advanced cervical cancer treatment will be done by way of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but if it is detected severe enough, is nothing else but to lift the uterus (hysterectomy) thoroughly so that the cancer does not develop.

By. Bar Bar

Treatment Of Cervical Cancer

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Until recently, ovarian cancer is known as the "silent killer" because it is usually difficult to be detected until an advanced stage. Symptoms of ovarian cancer are not specific. Recent studies have shown that cervical cancer patients typically experience the following symptoms persist: abdominal pressure (feeling full, swelling or bloating) Feeling the urge to urinate constantly

Other symptoms include:

    Persistent indigestion (gas or nausea)
    CHAPTER habits change for no apparent reason, such as constipation
    Loss of appetite or quickly feeling full
    Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
    Weak and weary sustainable
    Pain in the area around the waist / hip
    Changes in menstrual cycle


Visit your doctor if you experience symptoms of abdominal swelling, bloating, pain in the abdomen / pelvis continuously for more than a few weeks. If the doctor does not find a diagnosis of uterine cancer, make sure you get a second opinion. Surely your doctor performs a pelvic exam. Your doctor may recommend one or more of the following tests to diagnose uterine cancer: ultrasonography (USG). Tumor marker CA-125. Many women with cervical cancer had an abnormal CA 125 levels in their blood. CT SCAN or MRI

If this test leads to cervical cancer, surgery will be performed (laparaskopi) which captured a small incision in the abdomen and the abdominal cavity exploration to determine whether cancer is present. If cervical cancer is confirmed, the surgeon and the pathologist will identify the type of tumor and whether the cancer has spread.


    Stage I. cancer is limited to one or both ovaries.
    Stage II. The cancer has spread to other locations in the pelvis, such as the uterus or fallopian tubes.
    Stage III. The cancer has spread to the lining of the abdomen (peritoneum) or into the lymph nodes in the abdomen.
    Stage IV. Ovarian cancer has spread to organs outside the abdomen.

Treatment of ovarian cancer usually involves a combination of surgery and chemotherapy.

In general, patients with ovarian cancer require extensive surgery that included the removal of both ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus as well as the nearby lymph nodes and a fold of fatty abdominal tissue known as the omentum, where ovarian cancer often spreads.

After surgery, you will most likely undergo chemotherapy to kill cancer cells remaining. Initial regimen for ovarian cancer includes a combination of carboplatin (Paraplatin) and paclitaxel (Taxol) is injected into the bloodstream (intravenously). Side effects - including abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting - may occur.

Radiation is usually not considered to be effective for cervical cancer.

By. Bar Bar